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Who we are!

Who says learning has to be boring? We are all out for fun learning on Active Fun Learner. Groove while you grow. That is our dream. Located in the USA ,Active Fun Learner was created by the combined efforts of expert teachers, developers, linguists, animators and designers. Health professionals affirm the cognitive benefits of teaching kids with play, as the fastest way to impress on their minds critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities. We developed the app geared with this knowledge. We inculcate fun for the family by building a rich app which provides Educational solo apps for the kids, Educational mini games for all the family to enjoy, Fun activities for the family and the kids to try, Videos , songs , stories, books and meditation.

How It started

It began from the mind of one who listened to the incessant complaints of caring parents who were extremely worried over the unhealthy amount of time their kids were spending in front of the screen and the growing addiction to phones. Something had to be done. Our founder swung into action alongside a proactive team of vast professionals and dedicated time into creating this masterpiece.

Philosophy & Mission

Our values are child-centered. We love the kids and believe in their potential to do great things. That is why we have invested resources, time and expertise to make an app with lots of love. Our core values include:

Communication: we believe in effective communication that is open, positive and constructive. This is exactly what (add name) aims to inculcate into parents and kids.

 Integrity: our word is our bond. We are committed to giving the best to our customers, partners and colleagues. No questions asked.

Innovation: (add name) app is powered and sustained by innovations. Using cutting edge technology, we are constantly researching ways to serve our customers better.

Leadership: we are raising leaders of tomorrow and this spurs our activities on (add name).

Delivery: efficient service delivery is of great priority to us. With a penchant for excellence and a drive for collaboration, we pursue our set goals to bring you the best.

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